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Language guide, including many voice recorded exercises.

¡Buen Camino!

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Spanish language guide -

including voice recorded exercises.

Spanish for pilgrims and hospitaleros.


Format 10 x 15 cm.

About 120 pages.

Weight about 100 gr.


Price € 12,50, excl. costs for sending the package to your home-


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Please also look at the information on the Exercise book for this language guide, below.




Coming soon:

Exercise book

¡Buen Camino! Spanish for pilgrims and hospitaleros.


 Last winter I have published our first edition of the Exercise book in Dutch, in order to complete the language course Spanish for pilgrims and hospitaleros. Thanks to the Exercise book (future) pilgrims and hospitaleros could practice what they had learned with the Language guide.

At the end of the course, you will know the basics of the Spanish grammar,  you will be able to ask for the way to Santiago, to talk to Spanish pilgrims, to register in a albergue, do your shopping in Spanish, talk to a Spanish peasant, go to the pharmacy or order a menu in a restaurant. The format of the exercise book is A5, and it contains about 90 exercises to actively practice your Spanish knowledge.  


Thanks to this language course for pilgrims and hospitaleros you do not only take the necessary items with you on the Camino, but also the necessary vocabulary.  


The costs for the exercise book are € 6,50, excluding transportation costs of..€ .

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Below you see an example of a chapter of the exercise book. Sorry, it is in Dutch, but the English edition will be coming soon. (expected May 2021)



Information language course Buen Camino

The practical language guide is the result of the Spanish lessons I gave since 2006 in the Netherlands to pilgrims and hospitaleros. 


It does not matter of you do the Camino walking, by bike or if you go volunteering in a albergue, the vocabulary in this language guide will certainly help you. 

Themes are among others:  introducing yourself, registering in a albergue, go shopping, the pilgrim´s menu, asking for the right way to Santiago, going to the doctor,  looking for spare parts for your bike, working as a volunteer in a albergue, and arranging your trip back home.


We wish you a !BUEN CAMINO!