Engraving workshops in Luz de Frómista


At Luz de Fómista we give engraving courses, lasting from two and a half to three hours.


In our studio in Enschede, the Netherlands, and in our art gallery in Triacastela, we gave quick courses in engraving. 

The duration was from two and a half to three hours, for people without any knowledge of engraving or drawing. 

At the end of the course, you learn to prepare the zinc plate, make the drawing, prepare the special engraving paper, ink the plate, pass it through the press and make a good impression.


Students finish the course by taking home at least two good prints of their engraving.


We also gave individual courses. 

The price, including materials, and of course the two or three copys of your plate, is 30 €.


Here are some photos of a couple of those mini-courses, specifically two birthday celebrations.