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Luz de Frómista, albergue and art                                    from the Camino de Santiago

Open since 7 september 2018

Welcome to Luz de Frómista!


Our albergue run by pilgrims for pilgrims and our  small art shop with souvenirs from the Camino the Santiago made by artists.




In 1998 we, Anita and Gabriel, walked for the first time the Camino francès, from Frómista to Santiago. This became a great experience. In the year 2000 we repeated, but this time starting in Roncesvalles. When we arrived in Santiago, we got married in the little romanic chapel La Corticela, inside the Cathedral from Santiago de Compostela. Since then, we have always been connected to the Camino in one way or another.


Anita organised Spanish lessons during several years for pilgrims and hospitaleros in her hometown Enschede, Holland. And since 2004 we had a small art gallery in Triacastela. We went there during our summer holidays, opened the gallery for a couple of weeks, and sold engravings from the Camino de Santiago, made by Gabriel. This was a unique experience, and we met fantastic pilgrims and other people, but we wanted more. Our main goal was to have our own albergue, and finally, in september 2018 we realised our dream. 


Since septemer 2018 we have received thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. And in 2019 we opened our little art shop in a part of the albergue where had been a shop long time ago. In our art shop we sell several types of art, like ceramics, glass work and engravings, and several of them related to the Camino the Santiago. 


We are very happy we can combine both of our dreams and passions: The Camino the Santiago and art and creativity.  This year, we finally found the time, to bring our shop online, so that you can also buy artistical objects at a distance. We hope you like the selection we have made, and hope you like the engravings and other souvenirs from the Camino de Santiago.


We hope to meet you soon in our albergue or in our art shop in Frómista.!


Gabriel and Anita