Of course, the church of San Martin, the most visited Romanesque church in Spain, and we must bear in mind that the best Romanesque in Europe is in Palencia ...

In front of our hostel is the church of San Pedro. The interior and its museum are a must.

Ethnographic Museum Rodolfo Puebla

Interesant and very friendly !. I only have news of the existence of a similar museum in France, but it is smaller and is not private, so the merit of this is much higher. In my opinion it is an essential visit. 

The Canal de Castilla Those who have come from Boadilla del Camino have already had the pleasure of walking with him and they know him partially, and to those who still do not know him, a pleasant surprise awaits them, the Canal de Castilla is one of the most amazing buildings in Europe. There are 207 kilometers and the works began in 1753. Next to the lock at the entrance to Frómista, there is an Information Office where you can see several languages of the Canal in several languages. A stop in it is highly recommended.

There is a nice public pool surrounded by grass and trees, with shade, bar, table tennis, etc. 900 meters from our albuergue. A fresh unexpected rest in which to relax and recover strength in the Camino de Santiago.


Op ca. 50 m. afstand van de herberg is een bank met pinautomaat.