A must do is visiting the church of San Martin, the most visited Romanesque church in Spain. And did you know that the best Romanesque in Europe is in our province of Palencia?

In front of our hostel is the church of San Pedro.  During high season you can go there to visit the pilgrims mass,  and it is also worthwile visiting the interior and its museum.

The Canal de Castilla : Those who have come from Boadilla del Camino have already had the pleasure of walking next to the Canal de Castila. For those who still have not seen the Canal, a pleasant surprise awaits. The Canal de Castilla is one of the most amazing projects in Europe, which started in 1753. The longitud is 207 kilometers. Next to the lock at the entrance of Frómista, there is an Information Office where you can get more information about the history of the Canal de Castilla. 

Swimming pool: There is a nice public pool surrounded by grass and trees, with shade, bar, table tennis, etc. 900 meters from our albergue. It is the perfect place to relax and recover strength in the Camino de Santiago during the months July and August.


  • Bank:  Only 50 m. away from our albergue you find the bank CAJAMAR,  with pinautomaat.
  • Bakery: The bakery is just around the corner.
  • Restaurants: Frómista has many restaurants which offer all kind of pilgrims menus.
  • Medical centre: Close to our albergue you find the medical centre, which has special consulting hours for pilgrims. 
  • Farmacy: The farmacy of Frómista is specialised in pelgrims ´medical issues´ and has its own laboratory where the best cremes for blisters and tendinitis are made. 
  • Supermarkets: We have 3 supermarkets in Fromista , a butcher and a fish shop.